Debbie Puccinelli

Debbie Puccinelli

Africa is a surreal continent with the perfect blend of modern and ancient, an abundance of varied experiences, awe inspiring natural beauty, hospitable people and fantastic game viewing that will keep you coming back for more.


 My passion for Africa began in college when I visited it for the first time during a study abroad program sailing around the world to 12 countries in 100 days. My love for travel inspired me to become a travel consultant with Travel Advisors of Marin right out of college and we merged with FROSCH in 2006. I have specialized in luxury travel for the past 19 years with a focus on Africa for the last seven. I have been fortunate to travel to Africa numerous times spending several weeks in country on each trip. The majority of my time has been in South Africa and Botswana but I have also traveled to Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Kenya. I am thrilled to return later this year to Kenya and Tanzania focusing on prime game viewing and luxury safari lodges.


 I’m drawn again and again to the sheer diversity of experiences throughout Africa- each one being completely unique. I love being on safari surrounded by gorgeous landscape and the thrill and anticipation of what the “bush” will provide next. One of my favorite experiences was in South Africa on my honeymoon in 2010. We took a private elephant-back safari at sunset. As we came around the bend there was a surprise table set up by a watering hole surrounded by lanterns. In the midst of enjoying our sundowner cocktails we heard the loud roar of a male lion. It was unnerving and exciting at the same time, though our guide assured us the lion was well over a mile away. It was exhilarating as we hopped into the nearby Land Rover and headed out in hot pursuit of our next adventure!


My expertise is special occasion travel that incorporates hidden gems and unique trip of a lifetime experiences. My extensive on the ground experience and attention to detail allows me to create a bespoke adventure for each client. Whether it is your honeymoon, anniversary, marriage proposal, milestone birthday, multi-generational family vacation, or item on your bucket list, I look forward to creating a truly memorable trip that exceeds your expectations.