Miriam Clingensmith

Miriam Clingensmith

My career in the travel industry started with Southwest Airlines, working out of Houston Hobby Airport. In keeping with the Southwest sense of humor, I will admit that my stint with the airline was during the polyester hot pant era! I made a move to Braniff Airlines a year later, and enjoyed a long career with them, mainly focusing on international flights to South America. Being bilingual, I was a natural fit in that market.


Both experiences provided me with an invaluable education in the airline world, and I came away with great insight into the many complexities of working for and with airlines. This chapter of my career became the stepping stone into the travel agency side of the industry.


My new career as a travel consultant began working with two other travel agencies, before moving to FROSCH, where I set down roots as one of its early employees. My prior experience, combined with the Leibman family’s connection to South Africa, formed the perfect team, and business to South Africa grew exponentially. Twenty years and numerous trips to Africa later, I’m still here. My travels to South Africa have taken me throughout the country, always looking for the perfect place to send my clients. In addition to South Africa, I have also seen much of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Although my family is from Argentina, I find myself equally at home on the African continent, and have loved every trip there.


Every itinerary I plan is a great adventure, and I work tirelessly on my clients’ behalf to ensure that their trip provides the best possible experience for them, whatever their focus. Over the years, many clients have become close friends, and I love taking care of my friends! No challenge is too big or too small for me to take on if it means that a trip will be bettered in some way. There is not enough room here to tell of the many extra steps I have taken for my clients. With this in mind, I am proud of my repeat business. Working with my clients is the most important aspect of my career. My clients are my business and they always come first. That also includes my fellow FROSCH colleagues and friends, as my work often involves providing assistance and support to them as well.


In my spare time, I am an incredibly proud mother of three! I also volunteer at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo show during the season, and generally try to keep myself young at heart, while appreciating life with my family and friends.