Travel has always been a means through which boundaries are crossed, understanding is gained, and “new worlds” are explored. There is no better time in history than now for us to access cultures other than our own, so that we may learn from them and share experiences with them. To follow are areas of interest that we can incorporate into a tour, or from which an expanded experience can be created. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just enough to whet your appetite:




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There are several places in South Africa where both locals and visitors alike can take a course on beekeeping. There are courses specifically targeted for beginners wanting to learn about beekeeping and actually experience a LIVE practical session with a working bee hive that can range from a few hours to several days. Join a workshop to learn about various sustainability practices from processing organic waste through worm farm methods to creating a thriving vegetable garden.


Eco-tourism projects aim to support conservation and wildlife projects in Africa. They provide you with the opportunity to gain conservation skills, experience both culture and wildlife, and have a life-changing adventure at the same time. Programs include bushwalks, camping and education seminars, hands-on animal care and conservation management, anti-poaching and game reintroduction initiatives, as well as rehabilitation and research projects. Contact one of our FROSCH Africa specialists below to learn more about these unique experiences.



Learn from THE Grandmaster of the Djembe and Dunun himself, Famoudou Konaté, at “Drumming, Dance & MANDE Music” in West Africa or enjoy an authentic evening at “Eat, Drink, Dance, and Drum” in Cape Town, South Africa.


There are also a number of world-renowned music and art festivals that take place each year including FESTIMA in Burkina Faso; the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music and Mawazine in Morocco; AfrikaBurn and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in South Africa; and Timkat in Ethiopia.


There are any number of opportunities to enjoy the deeply-rooted traditions of music, drumming, and dance all over Africa and we encourage you to contact one of our FROSCH Africa experts to help you incorporate these ideas into your travels!



The art of re-purposing old radiators, bottles, and junk, otherwise headed for the landfill, into beautiful jewelry was mastered in West Africa way before the rest of the world started “going green.” With a rich and complicated past defining its current styles, jewelry continues to play a vital part in how West Africans express themselves, re-defining “statement jewelry” both in their own communities and abroad.


The need for beads has been at the core of African history since the Stone Age. Evidence of simple beads made using primitive tools from materials like shells, bone, seeds and even human teeth, have been found in various parts of Africa dating back 280,000 years. Beads were worn as symbols of status and protection, as well as symbols of beauty.


Making use of imported Western trash, like plastic and glass bottles, West Africans have found numerous ways to turn junk into jingles. Ghana produces Krobo beads made from recycled bottles, broken windshields, and any other shattered glass. In Burkina Faso, plastic prayer mats that are thrown out after a few, long prayers are recycled and cut up into colorful bracelets. Abandoned bronze radiators are pounded out and transformed into earrings in Mali. Excess trash has redefined the materials used for jewelry production in West Africa.



There are so many African art workshops and holidays to choose from that you will have to return time and again to paint a complete picture, from wildlife to still life, from beaches to mountains. Draw, paint or sketch your way across the landscape. From art safaris to custom-designed courses, you’ll find something to satisfy your creative urge. Local artists offer courses on different painting techniques and styles and our FROSCH Africa experts are here to tailor the perfect experience to your interests.



Going motorcycling in Namibia, South Africa or Botswana? Wanting to enjoy a motorcycle safari? Or maybe you’re dreaming of an ATV expedition through the dunes of Morocco? It’s all possible! We will make your holiday adventure different. Whether your interests are with seeing wild animals, feeling the pulse of Africa’s heart through gravel roads, or immersing yourself in spectacular scenery, there’s a custom tour that our team of FROSCH Africa specialists can create for you.



There are a diverse range of Cultural Africa vacations throughout this great continent that will enable you to immerse yourself in local places, for a more authentic vacation experience. You could embark on a provocative journey of inspiration through the vibrant and culturally diverse “Rainbow Nation,” exploring the fascinating history of Nelson Mandela’s South Africa as it is brought to life through a collection of soulful encounters with the people and places he touched in his efforts to end apartheid. Or you could round out your South Africa sojourn with a safari revealing the country’s natural beauty and wildlife along the sensational Garden Route. Get up close with cheetahs, view the penguins on the Cape Peninsula, and look out for whales at Plettenberg Bay.


Dive into Ethiopia’s fascinating southern region for a unique glimpse into its diverse, colorful, and enigmatic tribal people. After visiting with locals in Jinka, Arba Minch, and the Omo Valley, head east to Bale Mountains National Park for two days of game drives and horseback riding through one of the most unimaginable and wholly unique natural landscapes in the world.


Journey to the heart of one of the world’s most fascinating historical landscapes in Egypt. Escape through the ancient wonders of Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and the still relatively unknown Fayoum oasis.



The art scene in Africa is dynamic and diverse, teeming with extraordinarily talented and passionate artists using their work to reflect the continent’s cultural diversity, natural beauty and long history. Although formal exhibition spaces remain limited in many African countries, there are a growing number of exceptional independent art galleries across the continent promoting and exhibiting the best of African contemporary art. If you are looking for a more in-depth experience within the world of art, we can arrange engaging private gallery, museum and shopping tours led by professional art educators and style specialists.



Home to some of the best cuisine and most breathtaking vineyards in the world, there are many wine and gourmet tours to take advantage of in Africa. Delight in the diverse flavors of this vast continent—from the Mediterranean influences in northern Africa to the beautiful vineyards of South Africa. Whether you choose to embark on a culinary safari, visit the winelands outside Cape Town, or take a local cuisine cooking class in Morocco or Ethiopia, our FROSCH Africa experts are here to deliver a remarkable, private African culinary experience.



African theater is an enthralling, interactive experience—between actors and audience, plots and understanding, stimulus and response. With hundreds of active spaces around the continent offering everything from indigenous drama, music, dance, cabaret and satire to West End and Broadway hits, classical opera and ballet, there is something to be enjoyed by everyone. Let our FROSCH Africa specialists organize something special for you—we can get you backstage or deliver a VIP experience you won’t forget!



Make a difference while on holiday in Africa. Be of service to communities and the environment. Elevate your safari experience into something transformative. Create memories and build long-lasting friendships. Support worthy initiatives through donations and, in return, receive a charitable travel tax deduction.


Volunteerism offers an opportunity to interact with a local community, its children and caretakers. The result is a deep and rewarding experience and presents the opportunity to develop sustainable friendships. Programs include: orphanage visits, youth projects, cross-cultural exchange, donation of school supplies and other valuable resources, as well as lending support for extra-mural activities.


Edu-tourism focuses on cross-cultural exchange in the sharing of personal work experiences, skills and talents with those who have similar interests. The initiatives, which bring together people from different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic contexts, promote mutual understanding, diversity and respect. Programs encompass engaging with organizations such as the Girl Scouts of South Africa, orphanages and youth educational programs, as well as interaction with universities.


We practice responsible tourism by consulting with local communities to ensure that projects match their needs, and by embedding ethical standards, safety, authenticity, and sustainability into our program design and operations.